senior project(Digipen)

Sep 2012 - Apr 2013


Voxel Smash is a action-packed beat'em up, like a throw-back to the good o'l days of retro games. There is however, a unique spin to the game - Voxel Smash is entirely made up of voxels, that is, hit an enemy, and see them break into hundreds of statisfying pieces!


Producer of a team of 7 (3 programmers, 1 designer/programmer, 3 designers/artists). Graphics and tools programmer.

  • Designed and implemented a voxel based graphical engine using DirectX and its hardware instancing functionality.
  • Designed and created a custom mesh format supporting submesh-hierarchy and animation.
  • Built the editors necessary to create and animate custom meshes.
  • Responsible for other minor gameplay features like coins collection etc.
  • Videos: